St Michaels Mount

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St Michaels Mount

St Michael's Mount is a picturesque rocky island that has been described as the 'Jewel in Cornwall's crown' - perhaps a reason for its popularity with visitors. The Mount has been associated with religious worship from the twelfth century, when a Benedictine monastery was erected here, although legend and conjecture suggest that the Mount has been seen as a place of spiritual importance long before that.

St Michaels Mount is thought to have been the site of a tin port in the late Iron Age, just before the Roman Invasion. The importance of the mount as a place of pilgrimage traditionally dates back to the 5th century, when a group of people had a vision of St Michael over the mount. The legend is somewhat garbled, and the vision has been attributed to various groups of people. It was this event that is supposed to have given the Mount its archangel dedication, although this may date to much later when the Benedictine monastary was founded. The Mount is also associated with St Keyne, who traditionally blessed a stone seat with the power to grant dominance in marriage, depending on who managed to sit on it first.
A Benedictine monastery was built here in 1135, which was a dependency of Mont St Michael in Brittany. This lasted until the dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII in the 16th century. One interesting story suggests the bones of a giant man were discovered when the church was rebuilt in the 14th century, after an earthquake destroyed the original structure. The remains of the monastery were rebuilt into a castle, which was the home of the St Aubyn family from the 17th century, and is now owned by the National Trust.

Getting to St Michaels mount

St Michaels Mount, West End, Marazion, TR17 0EF
Total distance: 60miles
Travel time: Approximately 1hr 35mins

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